Friday, April 22, 2011

Know the Writer

Adam Silver,   head writer

  1. If I were a baby, I'd be 246 months old
  2. I have an X and a Y Chromosome, so I'm male
  3. I am skinny relative to an elephant, and really fat compared to a squirrel
  4. I have't lived in my parents house in 3 years
  5. I have never been completely independent
  6. My favorite drink is Diet A&W Root Beer…recently I tried Diet Mug, and it was a thorough disappointment.
  7. I have one brother and one sister, one mom and one dad
  8. I have anxiety attacks on a daily basis...Some are more severe than others.
  9. I have everything that I need, and most things that I want
  10. I have never been arrested, but got really close one time when a buddy and I were caught paint balling cars on Poplar. It was a whole lot of fun until I shot a police car…
  11. I'm kinda douchey
  12. I have never lost a family member and it terrifies me to even think about it
  13. I have a list of fears longer than I care to admit
  14. I have a love for movies-- I don't like foreign films that much.
  15. I have a scooter and love it
  16. I have a Mac and love it
  17. I have an Ipod and love it
  18. I have a camera and love it
  19. I have a drum kit and love it
  20. I have every CD I want and every movie I want except for Sin City
  21. I have plans to go buy Sin City next check
  22. I am overly obsessive about food, relationships, and my long term goals
  23. I am very good at handling short term goals
  24. I have never had a beer that I loved
  25. I have smoked a lot of weed, but never really liked it
  26. I have no interest in any mood altering drugs
  27. I have slept in a playground tube slide before
  28. I have always hated sleepovers
  29. I have my headphones in when I walk around campus and my studio so no one talks to me...people still talk to me.
  30. My favorite food is Indian
  31. My favorite color is Forest Green
  32. My favorite font is Helvetica…Arial's for quitters
  33. My favorite trilogy is Toy Story
  34. My favorite Ensemble is the cast of Arrested Development
  35. My favorite restaurant is Rainforest Cafe
  36. My favorite musician is Conor Olberst
  37. My favorite smell is Christmas
  38. My favorite words are "juxtaposed" and "antiquated"
  39. My favorite thing to read are blogs…I'm not a bookworm
  40. I fail at a whole lot of things I do
  41. I'm not my biggest fan
  42. I hate vanity and self loathing…I'm guilty of both
  43. I have a history of lying. I do still sometimes lie, but I have gotten a whole lot better. I've seen relationships get ruined by lying, and I've come to realize the error of my ways.
  44. One time, this guy at my old job referred to the lady with down-syndrom at my table as "the retard". I still fantasize about beating the shit out of him for it.
  45. The maddest I've ever been was when my old boss came in drunk 
  46. The happiest I've ever been was January 5th-January 10th
  47. The saddest I get is when I'm left alone with my thoughts for extended periods of times…As a result, not being able to sleep is more than annoying.
  48. I have argued about politics
  49. I'm beginning to lose hope in politics
  50. I have never argued religion
  51. I will never lose hope in the power of faith
  52. I don't believe in god, but there are certainly things that I can't explain
  53. I don't know everything
  54. I don't like seafood, but oddly enough I LOVE gefilte fish…and Swedish fish
  55. I don't like breakfast foods or deserts
  56. I don't like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, or Aerosmith 
  57. I don't like eating standing up
  58. I don't like talking and walking
  59. I don't like staying up late
  60. I don't like ignorance
  61. I've never liked a single extremist
  62. I'm pro-peace…who isn't
  63. I'm pro-choice
  64. I'm pro-gay rights
  65. I'm pro-government
  66. I'm pro-arts
  67. I'm pro-obama
  68. I'm anti-isralli/palestinian conflict
  69. I'm anti-fox news
  70. I'm anti-glee
  71. I think facebook does more good than bad
  72. I see why texting is good, but wish it didn't exist
  73. I like being alone, listening to music, working in the shop
  74. I have two tattoos…one I regret
  75. I have 4 piercing
  76. My favorite store in the mall is Yankee Candle
  77. I like going the malls in different cities
  78. If I became President, the first thing I'd do is sentence the people who work for U of M parking services to death…then I'd outlaw the death penalty.
  79. I shower obsessively because I refuse to be the fat kid who smells bad
  80. I still am afraid of the dark
  81. I still will revert back to a speech impediment if I blurt out without thinking
  82. For the first 11 years of my life, I was "Adam Schilvew"
  83. When I get sad, a lump in the back of my throat causes me to choke…The first time I noticed that was when I was playing soccer and I got a red card pulled on my for slide tackling. It still happens, and I've noticed it also happens when I get mad. This leads me to think that, for me, anger is just miscommunicated sadness.
  84. I've been accused of being "girly" by kids from grade school because I was always more interested in the arts than in sports.
  85. I can name every crush I have had since I was in kindergarten
  86. My latest crush is a girl from my english class freshman year….I still have a crush on her 
  87. I have no interest in sports, but she does…she must be "boy-y"
  88. I love puns
  89. I love cats, but would consider myself a dog person
  90. I love movie nights
  91. I prefer New York style pizza over chicago
  92. I prefer cold over hot
  93. I prefer acoustic over electric
  94. I prefer comedy over drama
  95. I prefer post modernism over all other art periods
  96. I carry my keys on my belt loop religiously
  97. I will never lose my wallet, keys, laptop, or Ipod
  98. I don't mind if I lose my phone
  99. I always finish what i start, even if I end it horribly
  100. I'm a lot like M. Night Shyamalan